Louie on FX

If you haven’t checked it out already, I would recommend you give a view to a few episodes of Louie on FX. I especially enjoy the show because Louis C.K. has an empathy for children that is unmatched by ANY other show I’ve ever seen, past or present. In one of the most recent episodes of this season (season 4), Louie’s fictional daughter firmly states to her father why she doesn’t want to attend public school any longer. She tells him that the teachers don’t know anything, can’t answer questions of any real substance, refer to the textbook anytime they don’t know anything, and that her peers are much less mature than her. When it comes time for Louie and his ex-wife, who are sitting in a meeting with the school’s principal, to make a decision on the daughter’s future – they instead fiddle with their phones. The lens focuses directly on modern parenting in this show. The writing is subtle, the pacing is excellent, and sometimes I have the suspicion that Louis takes his dreams and turns them into episodes. It is a profound show on many levels.

The Future Of The Human Race

This was written in response to Daniel Mackler’s essay Exploring Some Potential Limits Of Voluntaryism:

Something that is very obvious is that people who act on the part of “government” (I’ll refer to them as “government” for convenience sakes) are the BIGGEST polluters of them all. Millions of tons of mustard gas dumped into the Pacific, hundreds upon hundreds of nuclear detonations, missile strikes that level entire valleys, Agent Orange here in Vietnam (I see mutated humans every week), public works projects that drain marshes and swamps, so on and so forth.
Also, government food relief, welfare, and “back to work” projects take away the natural consequences of having that 2nd, 3rd, or 4th baby. Multi-national and predatory corporations that show up to an economically undeveloped region, pump out all the oil or set up vast fields of government subsidized bananas/wheat/corn/sugar cane/soy bean create temporary jobs that are filled by locals who are suddenly thrust with the financial resources to boost birth rates and lower infantile death rates. These corporations come into existent because of government legislation and shielding from market competition.
People who believe in government and sacrifice their inner truth to serve the flag, anthem, and mother-country are people who were raised abusively by people who were in turn, abused themselves. People who listen to their inner truth, to some degree or another, were given a start on life that was better than the norm. These people become healers, artists, employers, and craftsmen. These people do not participate in government, as a conscious choice, to the degree that is possible for their individual circumstances.

My theory is that the answer to the problems of world overpopulation and environmental destruction will not come from more social programs or corporate efforts. The answers will come from within. Namely, the answers will come from those voluntaryists, anarchists, healers, artists, employers, and craftsmen outside of government who dig deeeeeep within and become true advocates for their inner children. It is these people that will develop the compassion to grasp your concepts, Daniel. These future people represent the unification of sound intellectual methodologies (free market economics) and sound emotive methodologies (compassion, empathy, curiosity, emotional logic).

In short, people who ascribe to free market economics but lack love for their inner child and a powerful connection to their inner truth are missing an essential ingredient. Those that have both -POW!- are the future of the human race.

Repetition Compulsion: Edge Of Tomorrow

Hey All – I shared a perspective on Tom Cruise’s upcoming film –Edge Of Tomorrow– and I thought I would post it here:

The most powerful psychological dynamic of them all is the “repetition compulsion”. It is where we are deeply compelled to repeat something from our traumatic history in order to try and resolve it in the present. It is an impossible proposition.
This film and others like it, Source Code and Groundhog Day most notably, touch upon this core aspect of human experience.

To resolve the repetition compulsion, one must go into their history in a psychotherapeutic mode and heal the original wound.

On a more nerdy level, the book Replay by Ken Grimwood is also in this genre.